About Innovators In Health

An effective cure for TB was found almost six decades ago, but 2 billion people are now infected with latent TB. 9,270,000 developed active disease, while 1,756,000 died of it in 2007. The principal reasons for these tragic numbers are poverty, and the burden of adhering to a 6-8 month long course of antibiotics. To ensure adherence, patients today must travel to providers who supervise treatment. This is a significant barrier for poor patients struggling to make ends meet. Recruiting providers close to patients, on the other hand, entails supervising a vast, distributed provider network.

Innovators In Health is a non-profit founded by alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the mission of developing technology to reduce the burden of adherence, for both patients and programs. For example, the uBox is a smart pillbox for patients that allows providers to remotely ascertain adherence, eliminating travel. The uPrint is a fingerprint logging system that verifies drug delivery via biometric authentication, eliminating audits.

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